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Computer and Technology Radio

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Computer and Technology Radio is a long running consumer technology podcast hosted by Marsha Collier and Marc Cohen. Join us for fun and the latest in tech & tech news. 


Marc Cohen Spent 30 years entertaining and informing Southern Californians about technology. 

Marsha Collier Is an award winning tech author who has sold over a million books. She is a thought leader in Social Media.
Join us for all things related to the fast changing world of consumer technology.

Twitter: @MarshaCollier and @realmarccohen
The Show Hashtag is #techradio

Facebook: ComputerAndTechnologyRadiocom

Jul 19, 2021

This week in consumer #tech: Hubble telescope; Bezo's Blue Origin; WIndows 365 pricing; Clippy returns; Alexa Super mode, new celeb voices & monitors your sleep; Face recognition in retail; Microchip manicure; T-Mobile Caller ID and Rich Call Data; Consumer Reports on ISPs; Goodpapa K1; Rollable OLED TV; Apple...

Jul 12, 2021

This week: Virgin Galactic; Woz backs #RightToRepair; #Net Neutrality & Executive Orders; Zelda game sells $870,000; Samsung Cloud Storage extended; FBI Honeypot phones; Cheap Mesh Network; You Won't Own Anything;  Airtag vs SmartTag vs Tile Pro; Manage Google privacy; Streaming  

Jul 5, 2021

#Techradio Podcast:

Amazon anniversary 7/5/94; Starlink needs $30 Billion: Branson in Space; Tim Berners-Lee Sells NFT for $5.4M; TMobile & Verizon FREE 5G phones; Google's Covid19 Vaccine Card; 700M LinkedIn users breached; Pinterest bans diet ads; Windows 11 news; Facebook top social media platform;...