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Computer and Technology Radio

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Computer and Technology Radio is a long running consumer technology podcast hosted by Marsha Collier and Marc Cohen. Join us for fun and the latest in tech & tech news. 


Marc Cohen Spent 30 years entertaining and informing Southern Californians about technology. 

Marsha Collier Is an award winning tech author who has sold over a million books. She is a thought leader in Social Media.
Join us for all things related to the fast changing world of consumer technology.

Twitter: @MarshaCollier and @realmarccohen
The Show Hashtag is #techradio

Facebook: ComputerAndTechnologyRadiocom

Apr 24, 2021

#techradio Apple Spring event: AirTags, iMac & more; GM's sub $6,000 EV; #5G wars; #RightToRepair John Deere & McDonalds; Samsung Upcycling smartphones & uses for old phones; Geico data breach; #IoT Air fryer backdoor; Watching the Oscars; Godzilla vs Kong review


Apr 17, 2021

#techradio Tesla Solar Roof Surprise; Spotify's "Car Thing"; Covid Booster vaccine?; NASA selects SpaceX for lunar lander; 20 Inventions from Space Travel; FCC Speed Test App; Free Lyft Healthcare pass; Huawei may be Down but not out; T-Mobile fastest 5G network; EV charging issues; Netflix and sleep; Buy of the...

Apr 10, 2021

#techradio Facebook blames YOU!; Google I/O; Apple Docs Reveal iMessage secret; PC Shipments high; Weird stuff on Mars; Seagate ships 3 Zettabyte Hard Drive; BOTW; Cellular home #5G internet; Fitbit blood pressure study; PC Spring Cleaning; Worst versions on Windows; Best on video Streaming


Apr 10, 2021

#Techradio: Fake calls from Apple & Amazon; Investing in video games? Google #Android Scanner App; Google messages becoming default for Android phones; Phones share data every 4.5 minutes; Fleeceware Apps; EV charging; Apple & Google Maps upgrade; PayPal Crypto; Siri update; Download Samsung Cloud NOW; Facebook...