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Computer and Technology Radio

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Computer and Technology Radio is a long running consumer technology podcast hosted by Marsha Collier and Marc Cohen. Join us for fun and the latest in tech & tech news. 


Marc Cohen Spent 30 years entertaining and informing Southern Californians about technology. 

Marsha Collier Is an award winning tech author who has sold over a million books. She is a thought leader in Social Media.
Join us for all things related to the fast changing world of consumer technology.

Twitter: @MarshaCollier and @realmarccohen
The Show Hashtag is #techradio

Facebook: ComputerAndTechnologyRadiocom

May 31, 2022

Amazon Retail store; Google Photos Skin tones;  Apple iPhone Repair Kit; New phones? should you keep old one?; Apple Union Votes; Facebook privacy settings; Password managers; Flight simulator Top Gun update; Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi; Movies

May 22, 2022

Starliner docks with ISS; Facial Scanning at airports, Real ID & Mastercard; Hacked: Microsoft, Tesla and Safari; Google Maps back in time; Internet throttling; 4K Cinebeam projector; Samsung bespoke art fridge; Graduation gifts; Angelyne on Peacock

May 16, 2022

Google I/O reveals; Evusheld for COVID; Ukraine Drones; Twitter Privacy Game; Solve Wordle fast; Stopping Data Collection; Apple Cloud Settlement; Disable Ad ID on iOs; Real Cost of Electric Cars; Lego Optimus Prime; Norm MacDonald Netflix

May 8, 2022

FDA restricts J&J vaccine; Starlink for Motor Homes; Samsung SD works for 16 years; T-Mobile 5G home wireless; Selfie cam reads your eyes; Review: Fugoo Waterproof speakers; Upgrade to Windows 11?; Apple iPods & how to upload without iTunes; Who's on your Wi-Fi; Streaming

May 1, 2022

Twitter, Elon, & new CEO; Billionaires own media; Google will remove doxxing; DeleteMe; Microsoft adds VPN; Power banks save old tech; vulnerable Home Security Systems; Ukraine Apps; Tech Myths; Review: Dreo Macro Pro; Screenshots on Windows; Light Bulb ban; Find Stream TV