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Computer and Technology Radio

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Computer and Technology Radio is a long running consumer technology podcast hosted by Marsha Collier and Marc Cohen. Join us for fun and the latest in tech & tech news. 


Marc Cohen Spent 30 years entertaining and informing Southern Californians about technology. 

Marsha Collier Is an award winning tech author who has sold over a million books. She is a thought leader in Social Media.
Join us for all things related to the fast changing world of consumer technology.

Twitter: @MarshaCollier and @realmarccohen
The Show Hashtag is #techradio

Facebook: ComputerAndTechnologyRadiocom

Feb 23, 2021

BOTW; Looking back at favorite Gadgets from the 80s; Amazing Tech Android phone with same chips as Mars Helicopter; How you can Clean out Google Drive Quickly; Recognizing the best cheap tech products of all time; Joining forces - AppleTV+ on Chromecast; Top streaming movies & TV 

Feb 23, 2021

The latest on the Texas Snowstorm and Weather; Marsha nerds out on the NASA Perseverance Mars landing; What you need to know about Mobile World Congress 2021; No one is safe from hackers - California DMV ransomware attack; Will Marc be overhead? The Flying Car is HERE; Breaking Technology - Safe Home Hydrogen Batteries; ...

Feb 16, 2021

Tax filing tips, eFiling and tips on tax programs; How to record Windows 10 screen & capture audio; Do you need Applecare?; Everything is going Electric - Car news: Apple, Tesla & Cadillac; New Streaming subscription deals; Our suggestions on best cheap tech; Top streaming movies & TV

Feb 16, 2021

Latest COVID19 Mask & Vaccine news; NASA Mars News; AT&T responds to uniquely angry customer: Facebook is building a smart watch; How you can get fooled, 500,000 tricked in phishing; Apple MacBook Pro battery replacement, what you need to know; Turn your Zoom into kitten face. Marsha gives step by step instructions.

Feb 9, 2021

BOTW; REVIEW: MaskFone, a product for the times; Google smartphone Health tracking - When you want your phone to monitor you; Fix a water damaged phone - your Baywatch moment; From a Smart Heart - Valentine Tech-Gifts; 2022 Cadillac w/668hp goes Zoom; Google Map tricks; Finding the Best on HBO Max; Top streaming movies...